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Welcome to the IFTNC!



Moscow, ID
April 1-2, 2014

Student Union Building

International Ballroom

University of Idaho

Online Registration Open

IFTNC Online Outreach

2013 Annual Meeting Presentations

Biochar and Forest Ecology

Soil Site Productivity and Prescription

Tools for Estimating and Maintaining Soil-Site Productivity

Forest Soil Disturbance Training Materials Parts 1, 2, 3

Invited Research Presentations


Current IFTNC Initiatives

Nutrient Effects on Future Forest Productivity

Geospatial Site Type Classification for Forest Nutrition Management

Sustainable Forest Bioenergy

Site Type Effects on Stocking and Density Management


IFTNC Research

Douglas-fir Regional Fertilization Trials (est.1980-1982)

Ponderosa Pine Regional Fertilization Trials (est.1985 and 1987)

Forest Biomass Removal, Utilization (Bio-energy) and Soil Enhancement (Biochar)

Forest Biometrics and Modeling

Forest Fertilization Growth and Yield

Forest Geology Nutrition and Productivity

Forest Health Regional Fertilization Trials (est. 1994-1996)

Forest Health and Nutrition

Nutrition Effects on Future Forest Productivity - Forest Nutrient Management

Regional Forest Nutrition - Status and Characteristics

Forest Soils Nutrition and Productivity

Forest Vegetation Management Nutrition and Productivity

Forest Density Management Interaction with Nutrition

Forest Seedling Growth and Nutrition

Seedling Establishment Regional Fertilization Trials (est. 1998)

Site Type Initiative

IFTNC Meetings and Workshops